Buy Your Hydroelectric Generator On Amazon (Really)

They might not be Hoover Dam, but you can find some hydroelectric power generators on Amazon


Yes, you can purchase your own hydroelectric generator on Amazon. Depending upon the size, your selections might be fairly affordable priced too. Of course, some folks will just want to purchase these as educational tools, but you can actually find working generators that produce actual electricity that you can use. Right now, most of the kits cost a few hundred dollars, and they don’t seem to do very much.

Sensor Faucets with hydroelectric power generators

You know those faucets that know when to turn themselves on and off? Maybe you have seen them in restaurants and hotels. Not only to they save water and keep dirty hands from contaminating surfaces, they can also be self-powered. You can purchase hydroelectric kits that actually generate and store enough power to run the sensors. They run off of the water stream. Maybe next time you stop in the bathroom of your local restaurant, you will have a renewed appreciation of the technology that runs those sensor faucets. Anyway, you can buy these kits on Amazon for your own house.

DIY Water Generators

Besides getting kits, you can find some books and CDs with instructions for building your own water generator.  Be sure to read the reviews before you purchase any guidebooks because some didn’t seem like they really provided any good information.

However, a book called MicroHydro: Clean Power from Water got generally good reviews. Of course, some reviewers said it was to basic and others said it was too technical. That’s par for the course on Amazon, but you might view the sample to see if it will be helpful for you. With Amazon, you can always return books, and this is pretty easy since the book does come in a version for Kindle.

Hyrdroelectric Water Generators on EBay

You really can buy anything on EBay – Even A Hydroelectric Power Generator!

Want to start your own hydroelectric power station? You might not be able to power a big city, but you if you’ve got enough water, you can produce 2.5 MW of power with a generator that you can buy on eBay today for only $39K on a buy-it-now.


Buy Your Own Home Water Power Generator Online!

If you don’t want to invest $39,000 in your generator, consider what you can get for 1/10 of that price. A water-powered cross flow generator that is rated at 1,500 Watts under the right conditions will only set you back $3,900. If you have the right stream to use, you really could get off the grid with that. You might even be able to make your money back by selling electricity back to your local power company.

With batteries to store power, an inverter, and a charge controller, you really can power normal appliances. How would you like to run your fridge, washing machine, and lights with free power from a nearby stream? The stream can flow back to its original source too, so you should not be disturbing the environment.

Are Home Hydroelectric Water Power Systems Expensive?

An investment of almost $4,000 might seem like a lot, but you really should compare it to the cost of installing a home wind or solar power system. One large solar power system estimates that it would cost about $20K for a system large enough to power the home of their average customer.

What’s the Cheapest Kind of Alternative Energy?

Is There Really A Cheap Form of Alternative Energy?

Harnessing free, renewable, and sustainable energy from the sun, the wind, or the water sounds like a really good idea. However, no form of energy has proven reliable enough to replace more conventional sources of power in most areas. At least, they haven’t yet – mostly because of limitations imposed by the cost of installing new systems and batteries.


It might seem odd to think that something as common as batteries would be the holdup, but they really are. Think about the price jump between a simple D cell you can buy at the dollar store and the battery that runs your car. Now think how much more that batteries that can actually store enough energy to power your home or an entire city is. Until some breakthrough happens to reduce the price of batteries, “free” alternative energy is still a pretty expensive investment.

That means that you are free to experiment with solar, wind, or hydroelectricity at home. But you are likely to still rely upon the grid when conditions are not optimal because you cannot store power efficiently. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad idea to invest in alternative energy. On a sunny day, you can always sell excess power back to the grid. That might offset your power bill on a cloudy day.

You might start with a solar water heater

Actually, some people have been warming water by doing little more than painting a water tank black to absorb energy and setting it out in the sun. Black hoses connect this water source to places where it can be used. This is commonly practiced on farms and ranches to keep water from freezing so livestock can get a drink during the winter.

If you would like to replace your grid-powered home water heater with a solar water heater, expect to make an investment. You might decide to do this if you need to replace your water heater anyway. Additionally, the purchase could qualify for some tax credits that will defray the cost. It will probably take you a few years to make your money back, but you could have spent your money on a regular water heater that would never pay you back.



H20 Networks Ltd., based in St Asaph, has outperformed hundreds of hopeful new businesses to reach the regional finals of the 2007 HSBC Star-Up Stars Awards.


The national contest, now in its seventh year, is designed to seek out the most promising new businesses in the UK and to recognise the entrepreneurs behind them.


H20 Networks, started two and a half years ago, is now hoping to clinch one of the top titles and take a share of the Awards’ prizes, worth £85,000.


‘Using the past to connect the future’ should be the maxim for H20 Networks Ltd, which is using a mix of 19th century and 21st century technologies to build up its business. There’s no stopping the growth of this innovative business and plans are in place to promote its offering throughout the UK and expand internationally.


The St Asaph based company, has pioneered and developed its unique FS Focus (fibre optic cable underground sewer) System to set up IT and telecoms networks with virtually unlimited bandwidth in the UK’s 360,000 miles of sewers.


The FS Focus System offers a fast and cost-effective way to lay fibre optic cable and link up any location without the high costs and disruption caused by traditional cabling methods.


But the revolutionary aspect of FS Focus is the way it’s installed. Traditionally, deploying cable would mean digging up roads, which is time consuming, expensive, harmful to the environment and a pain in the neck for local residents and businesses.


By using the existing sewerage system, H20 Networks have cracked the problem, laying cable quickly and efficiently with minimal surface impact.


Launched in January 2005, the business has gone from strength to strength, forging agreements with the water companies and winning a number of high profile clients including two universities and a borough council.


The company promises to use the past to connect the future. The technology is proven and will revolutionise businesses and communities everywhere including internationally, with enquiries already coming in from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, North America and Europe.


H20 Networks is one of 20 companies to secure a place in the West, Wales and Northern Ireland regional finals of the 2007 Start-Up Stars Awards. Their entry will now be considered by a panel of local business experts who will select 10 top new businesses to represent Wales in the national judging session.

Enterprise Ventures has completed a further investment in H2O Networks Limited.

H2O Networks has pioneered and developed a unique concept, the FS Focus System, to deploy fibre optical cable in the UK’s waste water network. The company’s cost effective and environmentally friendly method allows health, education and manufacturing organisations to set up secure IT and telecom networks, without the traffic disruption associated with traditional methods.

Enterprise Ventures first invested in the company during late 2006 to finance the company’s growth plans and this follow-on round of funding will support the company’s ongoing development, the recruitment of sales & support staff and its relocation into Lancashire.

Since EV first invested, H2O Networks has completed successful installations of its concept at Edinburgh’s Napier University, in partnership with Scottish Water, and at Bournemouth Borough Council, amongst others and is currently in talks with a number of potential customers.

Wayne Thomas, Investment Director at EV, says, “Since we originally invested, the business has made significant commercial progress and is making major headway in both the public and private sector. The further funding provided will allow the business to consolidate its position in these markets and recruit additional staff to drive the business forward. The business has attracted considerable interest from both the commercial and financial communities and discussions are underway regarding a potential IPO of the business in early 2008”.

Commenting on the investment, Elfed Thomas said: “The market dynamics are ideal for us as there is currently a huge lack of investment in infrastructure across the UK. We’re looking forward to further developing our offering with the help of EV and are excited about the future.”

Operating from offices in Preston and Leeds, Enterprise Ventures manages a range of venture capital and private equity funds offering syndicated funding packages of up to £2 million to new and existing companies based throughout the North of England and the Midlands regions.

Elfed Thomas, Managing Director completes London to Paris Bike Ride in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Elfed Thomas, Managing Director at H2O Networks was one of 88 riders who set off from London on Saturday 8th July the day after the Tour de France to complete the London to Paris Bike Ride. All of the 88 riders were raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The route covered 470Km over 4 hard days of cycling. The route on the first day was the longest cycling from London to Dover the route crossed the Tour de France route twice. On the last day the riders had a police escort through the Champs Elysee to the finish line beneath the arches of the Eiffel Tower.

Thomas said “It was an amazing experience, cycling down the Champ Elysee with people clapping and cheering it was incredible. In total we all raised over £110,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support such a worthy charity”

University of Aberdeen’s student village gets wired for broadband via the sewer

University welcomes new and returning students with Internet access

St Asaph, UK, 26th July 2007: Following a deal with H2O Networks, the University of Aberdeen plans to welcome new and returning students with a new high bandwidth Internet network at the start of the autumn term. H2O Network’s revolutionary FS Focus System (Fibre Optical Cable Underground Sewer System) will provide the University of Aberdeen with a high capacity link for the next 10 years, enabling students to access the internet in their bedrooms in University halls of residence, improving the overall student living experience and widening the choice of studying options available to students.

Garry Wardrope, network services manager, University of Aberdeen comments: “Making University life as rich as possible for our students is the main aim of everything we do. When embarking on our ‘Internet to room’ project we wanted a cost-effective method that would offer the kind of bandwidth students demand when researching for course projects or writing their dissertations.”

“H2O’s FS Focus System offers high bandwidth at a price model that makes sense – this coupled with the innovative nature of the ‘fibre via the sewer’ network makes the overall H2O proposition an exciting one.”

As existing networks become increasingly congested with more cable types, it has become difficult for network companies to find new pathways. The revolutionary new development by H2O Networks allows universities to use the sewer network to set up their own secure IT and telecom network, rather than the traditional, disruptive method of digging up roads.

The deployment process is a least 80 per cent faster than traditional methods, resulting in operational networks within weeks rather than months. Every city and town has ready-made ducts that can be used without causing disruption. H2O’s approach not only allows for quick installation it also provides unlimited bandwidth.

Elfed Thomas, managing director, H2O Networks comments: “While universities strive to provide students with the best learning environment possible, cost and pricing models will often dictate the choice made. With our FS Focus System we are offering high bandwidth via an environmentally friendly network, through a fixed low cost rental model. Our solution addresses all the issues affecting public sector purchasing decisions today.”

Media Focus on H2O Networks

The media spotlight has been shining on H2O Networks, courtesy of the BBC. A BBC camera crew joined the H2O team to see how the innovative method of laying fibre in the sewer system could be the foundation of the revolution in broadband speed. Highlighting the environmental benefits of using FS (H2O’s Focus System) the piece was shown on Working Lunch. Watch it now and click onto watch report under sewer service.

On the BBC’s website an interview with H2O’s MD Elfed Thomas gives an insight into why H2O is leading the delivery of the UK’s push for faster broadband speeds

Fibrecity Webite Launched

The new concept in high speed internet, Fibrecity has been launched and has already had a massive response, being featured on the homepage of the BBC website, the new website has been launched, with much more to follow soon.