H2O Networks’ customer recognised in e-Government awards

University of Bath receives commendation for excellence in innovation in strategy at a local level.

H2O Networks is today celebrating the news that one of its customers, the University of Bath has been highly commended in the recent e-Government awards.

The University was recognised in the ‘Innovation in strategy at a local level’ category for its dark fibre network infrastructure deployed via Bath’s waste water pipes. H2O Networks worked with the University to design and build a fibre optic network that can deliver next generation services to benefit staff and students.

The e-Government awards recognise the best e-Government and technology-driven services ? services which, through innovative online delivery of IT implementation, have positively transformed the lives of citizens, local communities, business and stakeholder groups. The e-Government excellence: Innovation in strategy at a local level award commends those organisations that have delivered above-average results in improved services, transformed processes and results, and increased effectiveness.

Commenting on the accolade, Rod Angood, director of Bath University computing services said: “We are delighted to receive this commendation. When we decided to design a new network infrastructure we were keen that the build would cause minimal disruption to the local area. H2O Networks has built us a future-proofed network infrastructure by laying its dark fibre in the city’s sewers. Not only do we now have a robust, scalable network infrastructure capable of delivering super-fast connectivity speeds, we were able to achieve this using a more environmentally friendly method of deployment.”

Roy Shelton, UK sales director, H2O Networks said: “This commendation recognises the University of Bath’s forward thinking approach to its network infrastructure. Our deployment techniques use the sewers to offer a cost effective, faster alternative to the traditional methods of cabling. This avoids digging up roads and bringing traffic chaos to the local area which was very important to the team at the University.

H2O Networks is the pioneer of deploying dark fibre in the UK’s waste water network to enable connectivity. The company uses its patented FS (Fibre Optical Cable Underground Sewer) System to lay the cable underground.

H2O-Networks Group changes name to i3 Group

Pioneers of super fast fibre optic networks using the sewer expands into five divisions to cope with high demand.

Formed in 2002, H2O Networks Group is a pioneer of deploying super fast fibre optic cable in the UK’s waste water network. Due to phenomenal growth over the last eighteen months, the company has expanded into five divisions and has today been renamed i3 Group.

i3 Group comprises of: Fibrecity Holdings, H2O Networks, H2O International, Innovation Centre and World Wide Distribution Centre.

Fibrecity provides connectivity to entire towns and cities. It delivers a fibre optic network capable of delivering next generation services, including broadband of up to 100Mbps, to every business, organisation and citizen in the vicinity. Bournemouth and Dundee have been announced as the first Fibrecities in the UK.

H2O Networks provides business networks using Darc (Derestricted Access Route Connections), a fibre solution that allows businesses and organisations to realise their full potential, while preserving the environment in which they operate. Customers include councils, universities and businesses such as Dundee City Council, University of Bath and Specsavers.

H2O International, launched today, is working with trusted partners overseas to make the reality of super fast communications accessible to areas that have limited or no connectivity as well as those that require next generation access. South Africa is the first country to benefit from this innovative technology.

The Innovation Centre and World Wide Distribution Centre will support the other areas of the business in terms of technical support, training, storage and distribution.

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