H2O Networks expands Scottish team

H2O Networks, the specialist provider of fibre optic networks via the UK’s sewer system, today announced the appointment of David Elliott as regional sales manager for Scotland. Elliott brings with him over 20 years sales experience gained in the IT and telecoms sector.

Elfed Thomas, managing director, H2O Networks, said: “Scotland is a key sales area for us, with many organisations, such as Aberdeen and Napier Universities already taking advantage of our offering. Because Scottish Water is owned by the Government and we already have an agreement in place with them to use their sewer network, the growth potential for H2O Networks in this region is tremendous.

He continues: “David Elliott’s appointment is a real bonus to the company as he has vast experience in this sector and has a full understanding of the Scottish market place.”

Elliott comments: “I am extremely excited about joining such a forward thinking organisation. H2O Networks bespoke, future-proofed networks are unique and I hope my previous experience and contacts will lead to some fantastic opportunities for the company.

He continues: “H2O Networks proposition works especially well in Scotland due to its environmental benefits. As Many of Scotland’s major cities are tourist attractions so any fibre deployment method which shy away from digging up the roads and the ensuing chaos this causes is extremely welcome.”

Prior to joining H2O Networks, Elliott was responsible for business development and full sales life cycle telephony systems at BT. He also worked with Kingston Communications for over ten years where he was responsible for full end-to-end business development and client management.

H2O Network’s Focus (Fibre Optical Cable Underground Sewer) System can be implemented 80% faster than traditional methods and there is no need for the complex negotiations that come with getting the permission to dig up the roads and pavements.

As existing networks become increasingly congested with cables of all types, it has become much more difficult for network companies to find new pathways. By using the ready made channels in the sewers, organisations can set up their own IT and telecoms networks with virtually unlimited bandwidth, future proofing their requirements.

Dundee residents and businesses invited to opt in to Scotland’s first Fibrecity

The City of discovery to benefit from the fastest communications network in Europe.

Fibrecity has today announced that residents and businesses in the City of Dundee have been invited to connect to its city-wide fibre optic communications network for free via an opt in campaign that will run over the next 12 months.

The fibre optic network, which is being built at the expense of Fibrecity Holdings at a cost of £30 million, will allow more than 70,000 households and businesses in the City to benefit from next generation services including super fast broadband of up to 100Mbps ? this is typically tens of times faster than other services currently offered on the market.

The initiative will be Scotland’s largest fibre to the home (FTTH) network which means that households will be able to download and upload files, videos and emails far quicker than ever before.

In addition to super fast broadband, residents and businesses opting in to Fibrecity Dundee will be given the opportunity to benefit from a wide choice of services including IPTV, remote medical monitoring, home automation and remote home security.

Fibrecity Dundee will use a proportion of Scottish Water?s waste water network to lay the fibre optic cable across the city. The initiative will create employment in the city and Fibrecity will open a regional office. This pioneering initiative¹ has the potential to be rolled out across Scotland.

Elfed Thomas, CEO, H2O Networks Group said: “We are leading the way where other, far bigger organisations have failed to deliver. Broadband speeds are often slow and unreliable and the Government has already voiced its concerns about this. Fibrecity Dundee will allow businesses and homes to use media rich services including video and IPTV which require large bandwidth.”

Convener of Dundee City Council’s economic development committee, Lord Provost John Letford said: “As an early adopter of new technologies and as a community with a high proportion of broadband users, both in private homes and commercial premises, it is entirely fitting that we should be chosen as the first place in Scotland to have access to this new development. I am sure that having the choice of faster download and upload speeds will be an incentive for anyone considering investing in Dundee.”

The campaign has been designed to create awareness in Dundee about Fibrecity and the benefits it will bring to the City. Eligible premises will receive an invite through the post which will detail how they can sign up to this pioneering project. They include:

  • Fill in the tear off slip on the invite letter and return to 3 The Parks, Newton Le Willows, Merseyside, WA12 0JQ
  • Visit fibrecity and fill in the online form
  • Call freephone 0800 95 4 20 20 to request a pack
  • Visit the exhibition at the Wellgate Centre from 26th January to 24th May
  • A team of Fibrecity advisors will also be out and around the City to answer any queries that residents and businesses may have.

Work has already started on Fibrecity Bournemouth which has seen a large number of residents and businesses opt in to the initiative over the last couple of months. Work on Fibrecity Dundee will start this summer and will take approximately two years to roll out.

Fibrecity is not a service provider and it will announce which companies will be delivering the next generation services as this information becomes available.

H2O Networks’ customer recognised in e-Government awards

University of Bath receives commendation for excellence in innovation in strategy at a local level.

H2O Networks is today celebrating the news that one of its customers, the University of Bath has been highly commended in the recent e-Government awards.

The University was recognised in the ‘Innovation in strategy at a local level’ category for its dark fibre network infrastructure deployed via Bath’s waste water pipes. H2O Networks worked with the University to design and build a fibre optic network that can deliver next generation services to benefit staff and students.

The e-Government awards recognise the best e-Government and technology-driven services ? services which, through innovative online delivery of IT implementation, have positively transformed the lives of citizens, local communities, business and stakeholder groups. The e-Government excellence: Innovation in strategy at a local level award commends those organisations that have delivered above-average results in improved services, transformed processes and results, and increased effectiveness.

Commenting on the accolade, Rod Angood, director of Bath University computing services said: “We are delighted to receive this commendation. When we decided to design a new network infrastructure we were keen that the build would cause minimal disruption to the local area. H2O Networks has built us a future-proofed network infrastructure by laying its dark fibre in the city’s sewers. Not only do we now have a robust, scalable network infrastructure capable of delivering super-fast connectivity speeds, we were able to achieve this using a more environmentally friendly method of deployment.”

Roy Shelton, UK sales director, H2O Networks said: “This commendation recognises the University of Bath’s forward thinking approach to its network infrastructure. Our deployment techniques use the sewers to offer a cost effective, faster alternative to the traditional methods of cabling. This avoids digging up roads and bringing traffic chaos to the local area which was very important to the team at the University.

H2O Networks is the pioneer of deploying dark fibre in the UK’s waste water network to enable connectivity. The company uses its patented FS (Fibre Optical Cable Underground Sewer) System to lay the cable underground.

H2O-Networks Group changes name to i3 Group

Pioneers of super fast fibre optic networks using the sewer expands into five divisions to cope with high demand.

Formed in 2002, H2O Networks Group is a pioneer of deploying super fast fibre optic cable in the UK’s waste water network. Due to phenomenal growth over the last eighteen months, the company has expanded into five divisions and has today been renamed i3 Group.

i3 Group comprises of: Fibrecity Holdings, H2O Networks, H2O International, Innovation Centre and World Wide Distribution Centre.

Fibrecity provides connectivity to entire towns and cities. It delivers a fibre optic network capable of delivering next generation services, including broadband of up to 100Mbps, to every business, organisation and citizen in the vicinity. Bournemouth and Dundee have been announced as the first Fibrecities in the UK.

H2O Networks provides business networks using Darc (Derestricted Access Route Connections), a fibre solution that allows businesses and organisations to realise their full potential, while preserving the environment in which they operate. Customers include councils, universities and businesses such as Dundee City Council, University of Bath and Specsavers.

H2O International, launched today, is working with trusted partners overseas to make the reality of super fast communications accessible to areas that have limited or no connectivity as well as those that require next generation access. South Africa is the first country to benefit from this innovative technology.

The Innovation Centre and World Wide Distribution Centre will support the other areas of the business in terms of technical support, training, storage and distribution.

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i3 Group acquires Fibre Associates

Pioneer of super fast fibre optic networks boosts its future capabilities with the purchase of components manufacturer Fibre Associates

i3 Group, formerly H2O Networks Group, has continued its successful expansion with the acquisition of Fibre Associates. The move forms part of the fibre optics firm’s long term strategy to support the installation of fibre optic connectivity for all i3 Group companies.

Fibre Associates, branded Fibre @, designs and manufactures a range of fibre optic connectivity products. It also acts as a supply chain partner right across the optical technology sector in order to achieve shorter lead times to market and more cost-effective and efficient distribution.

The company will provide the technical support for the installation of super fast connectivity right across the i3 portfolio. Based at the Group’s Worldwide Distribution Centre in North Wales, it will, however, remain a stand alone enterprise and maintain its own customer base.

Elfed Thomas, CEO of i3 Group, said the acquisition would enable the group to simplify its own supply chain and benefit from the innovative capability of Fibre @. He said: “The acquisition of Fibre Associates Ltd forms part of our long term strategy to build support for the Group’s main revenue activity in both the UK and international markets.

“Fibre @ has specific experience in fibre components and has key skills in fibre component procurement and will shortly relocate to our new Worldwide Distribution Centre in North Wales.”

i3 Group, formerly H2O Networks Group, has had huge success over the last 18 months and expanded into five divisions comprising Fibrecity Holdings, H2O Networks, H2O International, Innovation Centre and World Wide Distribution Centre.

The Innovation Centre and World Wide Distribution Centre, of which Fibre @ will become an integral part, will support the other areas of the business in terms of technical support, training and storage and distribution.

Digital Britain interim report

Statement from Elfed Thomas, CEO of i3, formerly H2O Networks Group

We welcome the report as i3 identified the dynamic change in the telecoms market more than five years ago, and in response developed a model of deploying next generation fibre optic cable networks using the sewer network that is commercially viable.

Using the waste water network to lay the cable means that fibre networks are quicker and easier to deploy as there is little or no road digging required. Having developed a tried and tested model, we have invested heavily in fibre infrastructure and many businesses, councils and universities are benefiting from the super fast connectivity speeds that our networks deliver. In addition, we have already started on two of the first ten town and city wide Fibrecitres which will provide connectivity speeds of up to 100Mbps and will be the largest fibre to the home installations to over one million homes. We continue to invest in other technologies which will further reduce cost and therefore extend access for the wider community.

i3 is the only company that has had the vision and capability to deliver what we all need – a communication infrastructure which meets the 21st century communication needs.

British firm set to revolutionise communication networks around the World

South Africa will be the first to benefit from H2O’s innovative use of the sewer networks to lay fibre optic cables

British firm i3, formerly H2O Networks Group, the pioneers of using the sewer network to build super fast fibre optic networks, has today announced plans to expand overseas to revolutionise communication networks around the World.

H2O International will work with selected partners to use the Group?s innovative solution, its patented Fibre Optical Cable Underground Sewer System (FS System), to deploy high speed fibre optic cable using the sewer system and South Africa will be the first country to benefit.

H2O South Africa, a company that has been set up specifically for this venture, will receive extensive training at the Group’s training facility in North Wales as well as ongoing technical support. The team in South Africa has vast expertise and local knowledge that will allow them to develop communications networks that will benefit residents, businesses and organisations.

Elfed Thomas, CEO, H2O Networks Group said: “There is huge requirement for fibre optic networks, which in the past have been too costly to implement. The drivers for these high speed connections are clear as more and more media rich services that need high bandwidth are demanded by consumers and businesses.

“The projects that we have completed in the UK and our town and city-wide Fibrecity networks, prove how H2O is the solution for those areas that have limited or no connectivity as well as those that require next generation access. South Africa is our first agreement due to the critical need that exists.”

Ray Dhavraj, partner at H2O South Africa, said: “There is a huge opportunity for us in South Africa. By using the FS System we can build fibre optic networks more than 80 per cent faster than having to dig up the roads and the cost savings will make this a much more accessible solution for our customers.”

H2O South Africa is already in the final stages of negotiation with a number of customers that are keen to benefit from super fast connectivity and work to start building the networks is due to begin before the end of February. H2O is in negotiations with a number of other partners in other countries which will be announced over the next few months.

H2O Networks advocates the use of sewers for next generation broadband

The sewers will be the duct it uses for the vast majority of each of its optical fibre projects

Broadband cables should be put in sewers to help cope with the soaring demand for online video content, is what media regulator Ofcom is saying.

H2O Networks, the pioneer of providing fibre connectivity via the UK’s 360,000 miles of sewers, has been doing this for more than three years, has recently announced its fibrecity concept and will be announcing the first city imminently.

Elfed Thomas, chief executive of H2O Networks said:

“We believe the sewers are a viable solution to help meet the targets. We started putting a neutral fibre network into the sewers over three years ago and are just about to announce the first UK fibrecity which will be in excess of 500 kilometres of fibre and will see 80,000 homes benefit from the technology in this project alone. In fact, this will be the largest fibre to the home deployment in the world and the sewers will be used for a large proportion of the project. Our FS System of laying the fibre cable, which has been adopted by the water companies, is tried and tested and customers include a number large of businesses, councils and universities.”

About Fibrecity and H2O Networks

Formed in 2002, H2O Networks is a pioneer of deploying dark fibre in the UK’s waste water network to enable connectivity to those that have limited access.

The Fibrecity concept provides connectivity to entire towns and cities. It brings access to Fibrespeed, allowing connectivity for every business, organisation and citizen in the vicinity.

Fibrespeed is super fast bandwidth at a minimum 100mps. This is supplied via the darc fibre infrastructure that H2O builds within sewers. It is the answer to the UK’s next generation connectivity and broadband challenge.

The Focus (Fibre Optical Cable Underground Sewer) System from H2O Networks is a fast and cost-effective way to lay cable and link up any location without the high costs and disruption caused by traditional cabling methods.

Darc (Derestricted Access Route Connections) is a Fibre Solution that allows businesses and organisations to realise their full potential, while preserving the environment in which they operate.

Fibrecity Website Launched

The new concept in high speed internet, Fibrecity has been launched and has already had a massive response, being featured on the homepage of the BBC website, the new website has been launched, with much more to follow soon.