South Africa will be the first to benefit from H2O’s innovative use of the sewer networks to lay fibre optic cables

British firm i3, formerly H2O Networks Group, the pioneers of using the sewer network to build super fast fibre optic networks, has today announced plans to expand overseas to revolutionise communication networks around the World.

H2O International will work with selected partners to use the Group?s innovative solution, its patented Fibre Optical Cable Underground Sewer System (FS System), to deploy high speed fibre optic cable using the sewer system and South Africa will be the first country to benefit.

H2O South Africa, a company that has been set up specifically for this venture, will receive extensive training at the Group’s training facility in North Wales as well as ongoing technical support. The team in South Africa has vast expertise and local knowledge that will allow them to develop communications networks that will benefit residents, businesses and organisations.

Elfed Thomas, CEO, H2O Networks Group said: “There is huge requirement for fibre optic networks, which in the past have been too costly to implement. The drivers for these high speed connections are clear as more and more media rich services that need high bandwidth are demanded by consumers and businesses.

“The projects that we have completed in the UK and our town and city-wide Fibrecity networks, prove how H2O is the solution for those areas that have limited or no connectivity as well as those that require next generation access. South Africa is our first agreement due to the critical need that exists.”

Ray Dhavraj, partner at H2O South Africa, said: “There is a huge opportunity for us in South Africa. By using the FS System we can build fibre optic networks more than 80 per cent faster than having to dig up the roads and the cost savings will make this a much more accessible solution for our customers.”

H2O South Africa is already in the final stages of negotiation with a number of customers that are keen to benefit from super fast connectivity and work to start building the networks is due to begin before the end of February. H2O is in negotiations with a number of other partners in other countries which will be announced over the next few months.

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