Statement from Elfed Thomas, CEO of i3, formerly H2O Networks Group

We welcome the report as i3 identified the dynamic change in the telecoms market more than five years ago, and in response developed a model of deploying next generation fibre optic cable networks using the sewer network that is commercially viable.

Using the waste water network to lay the cable means that fibre networks are quicker and easier to deploy as there is little or no road digging required. Having developed a tried and tested model, we have invested heavily in fibre infrastructure and many businesses, councils and universities are benefiting from the super fast connectivity speeds that our networks deliver. In addition, we have already started on two of the first ten town and city wide Fibrecitres which will provide connectivity speeds of up to 100Mbps and will be the largest fibre to the home installations to over one million homes. We continue to invest in other technologies which will further reduce cost and therefore extend access for the wider community.

i3 is the only company that has had the vision and capability to deliver what we all need – a communication infrastructure which meets the 21st century communication needs.

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