Pioneer of super fast fibre optic networks boosts its future capabilities with the purchase of components manufacturer Fibre Associates

i3 Group, formerly H2O Networks Group, has continued its successful expansion with the acquisition of Fibre Associates. The move forms part of the fibre optics firm’s long term strategy to support the installation of fibre optic connectivity for all i3 Group companies.

Fibre Associates, branded Fibre @, designs and manufactures a range of fibre optic connectivity products. It also acts as a supply chain partner right across the optical technology sector in order to achieve shorter lead times to market and more cost-effective and efficient distribution.

The company will provide the technical support for the installation of super fast connectivity right across the i3 portfolio. Based at the Group’s Worldwide Distribution Centre in North Wales, it will, however, remain a stand alone enterprise and maintain its own customer base.

Elfed Thomas, CEO of i3 Group, said the acquisition would enable the group to simplify its own supply chain and benefit from the innovative capability of Fibre @. He said: “The acquisition of Fibre Associates Ltd forms part of our long term strategy to build support for the Group’s main revenue activity in both the UK and international markets.

“Fibre @ has specific experience in fibre components and has key skills in fibre component procurement and will shortly relocate to our new Worldwide Distribution Centre in North Wales.”

i3 Group, formerly H2O Networks Group, has had huge success over the last 18 months and expanded into five divisions comprising Fibrecity Holdings, H2O Networks, H2O International, Innovation Centre and World Wide Distribution Centre.

The Innovation Centre and World Wide Distribution Centre, of which Fibre @ will become an integral part, will support the other areas of the business in terms of technical support, training and storage and distribution.

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