University welcomes new and returning students with Internet access

St Asaph, UK, 26th July 2007: Following a deal with H2O Networks, the University of Aberdeen plans to welcome new and returning students with a new high bandwidth Internet network at the start of the autumn term. H2O Network’s revolutionary FS Focus System (Fibre Optical Cable Underground Sewer System) will provide the University of Aberdeen with a high capacity link for the next 10 years, enabling students to access the internet in their bedrooms in University halls of residence, improving the overall student living experience and widening the choice of studying options available to students.

Garry Wardrope, network services manager, University of Aberdeen comments: “Making University life as rich as possible for our students is the main aim of everything we do. When embarking on our ‘Internet to room’ project we wanted a cost-effective method that would offer the kind of bandwidth students demand when researching for course projects or writing their dissertations.”

“H2O’s FS Focus System offers high bandwidth at a price model that makes sense – this coupled with the innovative nature of the ‘fibre via the sewer’ network makes the overall H2O proposition an exciting one.”

As existing networks become increasingly congested with more cable types, it has become difficult for network companies to find new pathways. The revolutionary new development by H2O Networks allows universities to use the sewer network to set up their own secure IT and telecom network, rather than the traditional, disruptive method of digging up roads.

The deployment process is a least 80 per cent faster than traditional methods, resulting in operational networks within weeks rather than months. Every city and town has ready-made ducts that can be used without causing disruption. H2O’s approach not only allows for quick installation it also provides unlimited bandwidth.

Elfed Thomas, managing director, H2O Networks comments: “While universities strive to provide students with the best learning environment possible, cost and pricing models will often dictate the choice made. With our FS Focus System we are offering high bandwidth via an environmentally friendly network, through a fixed low cost rental model. Our solution addresses all the issues affecting public sector purchasing decisions today.”

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