You really can buy anything on EBay – Even A Hydroelectric Power Generator!

Want to start your own hydroelectric power station? You might not be able to power a big city, but you if you’ve got enough water, you can produce 2.5 MW of power with a generator that you can buy on eBay today for only $39K on a buy-it-now.


Buy Your Own Home Water Power Generator Online!

If you don’t want to invest $39,000 in your generator, consider what you can get for 1/10 of that price. A water-powered cross flow generator that is rated at 1,500 Watts under the right conditions will only set you back $3,900. If you have the right stream to use, you really could get off the grid with that. You might even be able to make your money back by selling electricity back to your local power company.

With batteries to store power, an inverter, and a charge controller, you really can power normal appliances. How would you like to run your fridge, washing machine, and lights with free power from a nearby stream? The stream can flow back to its original source too, so you should not be disturbing the environment.

Are Home Hydroelectric Water Power Systems Expensive?

An investment of almost $4,000 might seem like a lot, but you really should compare it to the cost of installing a home wind or solar power system. One large solar power system estimates that it would cost about $20K for a system large enough to power the home of their average customer.

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