They might not be Hoover Dam, but you can find some hydroelectric power generators on Amazon


Yes, you can purchase your own hydroelectric generator on Amazon. Depending upon the size, your selections might be fairly affordable priced too. Of course, some folks will just want to purchase these as educational tools, but you can actually find working generators that produce actual electricity that you can use. Right now, most of the kits cost a few hundred dollars, and they don’t seem to do very much.

Sensor Faucets with hydroelectric power generators

You know those faucets that know when to turn themselves on and off? Maybe you have seen them in restaurants and hotels. Not only to they save water and keep dirty hands from contaminating surfaces, they can also be self-powered. You can purchase hydroelectric kits that actually generate and store enough power to run the sensors. They run off of the water stream. Maybe next time you stop in the bathroom of your local restaurant, you will have a renewed appreciation of the technology that runs those sensor faucets. Anyway, you can buy these kits on Amazon for your own house.

DIY Water Generators

Besides getting kits, you can find some books and CDs with instructions for building your own water generator.  Be sure to read the reviews before you purchase any guidebooks because some didn’t seem like they really provided any good information.

However, a book called MicroHydro: Clean Power from Water got generally good reviews. Of course, some reviewers said it was to basic and others said it was too technical. That’s par for the course on Amazon, but you might view the sample to see if it will be helpful for you. With Amazon, you can always return books, and this is pretty easy since the book does come in a version for Kindle.

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