Information technologies in business. Self-service technologies

Following the trending changes in the business industry, human beings have become very receptive to the changes. Traditional businesses relied on human interaction to ensure that customers were satisfied. Such interactions included face-to-face inquiries, employee customer sales, and employee’s explanations. The resultant effect was to ensure that the customers were offered quality goods and services

That’s It! Fiber Optic Cables in Municipal Water Communications

A decade ago a property that did not have high internet speeds was still marketable. At the time, the average customers’ survival did not depend on the availability of high internet speeds. However, at this age, high-speed internet is a required feature for a residential or commercial property. Customers are now demanding fast internet and

A New Way to Indicate the Underwater Seismicity

Seismic networks are easy to install and thus commonly used for detecting earthquakes on continents.  Detecting a seismic activity is crucial for understanding the dynamics of the earth.  However, most of the earth’s surface that is 70% is covered by water. Placing seismometers on the ocean floor is difficult, and only a handful are set


H20 Networks Ltd., based in St Asaph, has outperformed hundreds of hopeful new businesses to reach the regional finals of the 2007 HSBC Star-Up Stars Awards.   The national contest, now in its seventh year, is designed to seek out the most promising new businesses in the UK and to recognise the entrepreneurs behind them.

Enterprise Ventures has completed a further investment in H2O Networks Limited.

H2O Networks has pioneered and developed a unique concept, the FS Focus System, to deploy fibre optical cable in the UK’s waste water network. The company’s cost effective and environmentally friendly method allows health, education and manufacturing organisations to set up secure IT and telecom networks, without the traffic disruption associated with traditional methods. Enterprise