Buy Your Hydroelectric Generator On Amazon (Really)

They might not be Hoover Dam, but you can find some hydroelectric power generators on Amazon Yes, you can purchase your own hydroelectric generator on Amazon. Depending upon the size, your selections might be fairly affordable priced too. Of course, some folks will just want to purchase these as educational tools, but you can actually

Hyrdroelectric Water Generators on EBay

You really can buy anything on EBay – Even A Hydroelectric Power Generator! Want to start your own hydroelectric power station? You might not be able to power a big city, but you if you’ve got enough water, you can produce 2.5 MW of power with a generator that you can buy on eBay today

What’s the Cheapest Kind of Alternative Energy?

Is There Really A Cheap Form of Alternative Energy? Harnessing free, renewable, and sustainable energy from the sun, the wind, or the water sounds like a really good idea. However, no form of energy has proven reliable enough to replace more conventional sources of power in most areas. At least, they haven’t yet – mostly

Media Focus on H2O Networks

The media spotlight has been shining on H2O Networks, courtesy of the BBC. A BBC camera crew joined the H2O team to see how the innovative method of laying fibre in the sewer system could be the foundation of the revolution in broadband speed. Highlighting the environmental benefits of using FS (H2O’s Focus System) the