Bournemouth Borough Council is the town’s elected local government service provider and sets policies for the town of Bournemouth in Dorset, England.

Bournemouth is an historic town with great architectural heritage and critical to Bournemouth Borough Council was a solution that would not affect this much preserved heritage.

The Council was looking to implement a new communication cable infrastructure to link up the Town Hall and the Bournemouth International Centre. They required a low cost solution, with unlimited bandwidth.

The Solution
The solution was to provide a low cost, quick effective connection. H2O Networks provided one pair of dedicated dark fibre cores totalling 1km between the Town Hall and Bournemouth International Centre for a fixed price for 10 years.

The network was operational in just over a week with no need to enter complex negotiations to dig up the roads and pavements. The locations of the buildings dictated that the cable had to be deployed across the central town park. H2O’s FS Focus System allowed the cable to be deployed through the waste water networks, causing no disruption or harm to the local community and parkland. As a result Council Tax payers’ money is spent on improving local facilities rather than being used for digging up the roads.

Bob Rhodes, IT Manager, Bournemouth Borough Council:
“In partnership with H2O Networks we are making a tremendous cost saving, meaning that we can put Council Tax payers money to better use. Using the sewer network is also a more environmentally friendly way to lay the fibre optic cable, and it makes sense to utilise the existing sewer network that’s right under our noses.”