The need for detailed CCTV coverage is fast becoming a standard necessity in many environments. In some cases camera and software technology has condensed bandwidth. However, high demand still exists for a highly secure fibre link which offers unlimited bandwidth. The installation of Darc using the FS Focus System can offer solutions for the transmission of video, audio and data signals utilising the most extensive network in the UK… the sewerage system. Whether it’s an improvement to your existing backbone or a new network we can provide you with a rapid and low-cost alternative.

An increasing number of cities and towns are introducing 24 hour CCTV surveillance. This can create any number of problems with connectivity in hard-to- reach, built-up areas. Our unique concept is a fast and cost effective way to lay cable without high costs and disruption caused by digging up the roads.

The system can be deployed in any city or town with an additional advantage in that the cable lies at depths of up to 5 metres below the ground compared with 450mm for conventional cables making it a far more secure.

The cable offers unlimited bandwidth with the customer firmly in control with the ability to upgrade at anytime.