Many Local Authorities face difficulties and suffer high costs transferring data between remote offices. Many networks currently being used restrict the bandwidth capacity. Typically, agreements are related to the supply of bandwidth, and increased requirements lead to escalating costs. Bandwidth expansion, in any case, is limited by the capacity of the provider’s network.

H2O’s method of installing Darc using the FS Focus System provides Local Authorities with a dedicated, bespoke communication network for its offices, with unlimited bandwidth.

By creatively utilising the sewerage network, it can install a fire optic network with remarkable speed and no disruption to the road network. The IT department therefore can assume full control over its own network and more readily implement creative and cost-effective “one site” solutions. It can also help to enhance the functionality and reduce the costs of CCTV networks.

The FS Focus System is particularly suited to Local Authorities in an urban environment. Its usage reduces road digging by up to 80%. This not only cuts time and cost, but increases options and flexibility, and – uniquely – in a way which is environmentally friendly.