Colleges and universities set the pace and crucial in the training and education envinronment is high speed, unlimited bandwidth links across and between campuses.

H2O Networks efficient installation of a bespoke communication backbone and dedicated network links is proving invaluable to a growing number of educational establishments across the UK. Using the FS Focus System and Darc provides speed, security and unlimited bandwidth to accommodate growth and expansion.

Increasingly, universities want to take control of their communications infrastructure. Napier University, based in Edinburgh, was the first university in the UK to use this revolutionary new system. The requirement was to link Mercistion site with Craiglockhart (which are more than 2km apart). H2O Networks installed a low cost dedicated dark fibre link which substantially reduced the need for road digging. Today, both Napier and Merchiston have a unique highly secure dark fibre link.

The FS Focus System allows educational establishments to take control of their communication infrastructure and to contain costs with minimum disruption. Crucially, it can be operational in a fraction of the time taken by conventional alternatives.

As many Colleges grow and develop, and consider mergers, the challenge of linking different sites in a fast and cost efficient way is now met simply with the assistance of H2O Networks.