The healthcare sector is digitalising at a dramatic speed. Remote surgery, computerised medical records and digital media transfers are major advances on which we can play an important part. And we can dramatically cut the costs of installing the sector’s networks.

One of the earliest remote surgeries to be recorded was in 2001 when a surgeon performed a gallbladder operation on a patient 6230km away. This pioneering operation was conducted over a dedicated fibre optic link to ensure guaranteed connectivity and minimal lag.

H2O Networks provides this dedicated fibre connectivity, allowing users to utilise advanced techniques rapidly and at a fixed price.

The installation of Darc using the FS Focus System is by far the fastest and most cost effective way of connecting any location without high costs and disruption. As the cable lies at an average depth of five metres, this method provides unmatched levels of security which are so important to the transfer of patient data.

Our Darc fibre offers unlimited bandwidth and future proofing, and our agreements provide fixed term rental for up to 10 years with the added knowledge that your network is secure.