With the successful growth of H2O’s presence in the UK, we are now developing products and solutions for the international market. Our offer is unique, unmatched in Europe and beyond, and as in the UK, our bespoke built networks, with all their benefits, are proving attractive to partners and customers alike.

We have established strong relationships with partners in the US and Far East and as we grow our international business we are seeking new and additional partners.

Our methodology can be successfully applied in any city or town with ready made sewer ducts, making it an extremely cost effective solution, and an environmentally sound one.

We can overcome the traditionally associated delivery challenges by up to 90%.

We want to work with partners, or established companies in the technology or telecommunications industries, to take this unique solution into other countries across the globe. This is not only a tremendous business opportunity but a much needed solution to areas and regions around the world who have limited or restricted access to high bandwidth.

By working with us you can share in the success of our methodology, and enjoy a mutually beneficial professional relationship which will underpin the development of communication – worldwide.

If you would like to explore these opportunities further please fill in and complete the partnership form, or contact us directly by calling 00 44 (0) 1942 868640 or emailing.