Excellent communication is the aim of every company and organisation and multi-site networking can bring all your offices and locations into one unified network. Regardless of size, communication costs are one of the largest expenses for multi-site business and as technology continues to evolve companies can expect this cost to continue rising.

H2O’s Darc, installed using the unique FS Focus System can provide multi-site organisations with a bespoke communication backbone between sites, simply by using the sewer system.

This environmentally sound concept allows the fibre optic cable to be laid through the sewerage system, and therefore, every city and town has a ready to-use, secure ducting system. Further, the cable can be laid up to 80% faster than conventional cables with minimum disruption.

H2O’s revolutionary approach not only allows for cheaper and quicker installation compared to other cabling methods, it also offers unlimited bandwidth and fixed term costs rather than costly bandwidth tariffs.