Edinburgh’s Napier University places a heavy emphasis on computer technology. With over 13,500 students accessing its computer system from all over the world they need robust systems to support both learning and business processes. As part of its business continuity plans Napier required an additional communication backbone.

The Solution
H2O’s brief was to link the two main campuses of Merchiston and Craiglockhart where over 1000 fixed computers are provided for students as well as a WiFi service for the students’ own laptops.

The solution was to provide a low-cost, quick, effective connection. H2O provided three pairs of dark fibre totaling 2100 metres dedicated to both campuses at a fixed price for 10 years. By using the pre-existing underground sewerage system, significant disruption was avoided. If the roads had been dug, Napier estimates it would have caused a traffic bubble of at least 20km and would have cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. Installation time was one week, whilst a traditional dig technique would have taken in the region of six months.

H2O Networks was able to provide a flexible solution at a price 90% less than other quotes sourced.

Iain Russell, Network Systems Manager at Napier University:
“The system was low cost and low risk. Installation was done in a matter of days with minimal disruption to the university and the neighbourhood. It does away with the traditional dig that you would normally have with the old technologies. Increasingly we have to look at more flexible ways of providing teaching and learning for the students.”